Subject Matter of the Offer

Sale of 100 % of the Elbee project assets

Summary of assets

The subject matter of the offer is the summary of all tangible and intangible assets, including know-how, documentation, database of contacts, and other tools, necessary for successful continuation of the development and production of the special Elbee vehicle. The subject matter of the sale is not the company as such (ID), which makes the transaction considerably clearer.

The offer of sale has been developed with the maximum effort to ensure as easy and fast transfer as possible. We believe that the sale of 100 % of the Elbee project assets is the right way for all the parties involved – the seller, the buyer and the waiting customers.

Tangible assets

Vehicles in stock  

A total of 6 vehicles worth about EUR 72 000: 5 for testing and showing, 1 for direct  sale

Material and work in progress

Electronically registered items with barcodes worth more than EUR 275 000

Moulds for manufacture of products made of fiberglass and glass

Suitable for the current small-series production

Welding fixtures

Manual welding fixtures partially prepared for robotic welding

Mobile exhibition stand

ISOframe flexible presentation system, stands, roll-ups and other promotional aids

Intangible assets

3D models

Design data of the whole vehicle created in CAD SW Autodesk Inventor (.ipt)

3D data for CNC production

3D data for creation of CNC programs created in CAM SW Autodesk Inventor (.step)

Drawing documentation

Production and assembly drawings in electronic form (.idw, .dwg, .pdf) and as hard copies

Legal protection

Patent, utility designs, industrial design and trade marks


Approved for driving on the roads of European Union and Switzerland

Marketing tools

Website, profiles in social networks, acknowledgements, corporate identity and other tools of promotion

Business network and database of contacts

Business partners, customers, potential customers, suppliers, interest groups

Background researches, analyses and expert opinions

approval processes on the world markets, subsidies, competitive solutions, customer needs and preferences

Support from the EU funds

the processed project documentation of the drive-by-wire system development, prepared for application in the OP PIK Application Program


acquired over more than 10 years of project implementation

Continuous supply of parts

in case of interest shall be ensured by ZLKL, the subsidiary engineering company, and other existing suppliers